Board of Directors

Bob Pirollo –  President

Jonathan Whitney – Vice President

Marilyn Chapman – Treasurer

Ruth Firth – Secretary

Lynne Sheldon– Director


Board Meetings are scheduled as needed throughout the year and are held in the Club Room.

Be on the lookout for the meeting notices posted around the building and via email for meeting dates and times.

The board meetings always have a conference phone for you to call in if you are not able to attend in person. This information is at the bottom of every meeting notice.


Please see below for the Broadway Promenade Covid-19 Guidelines and the City of Sarasota Mask Requirement.

It is extremely important to continue to follow the Broadway Promenade guidelines and the mask requirement set forth by the City of Sarasota. This is for the protection and safety of all! We are all in this together and need to do our best to protect each other. Please comply! If you have any questions, please contact the Broadway Promenade office.

Key Points:

  • Masks are to be worn in all common areas, hallways, elevators, etc.
  • Only owners and residents are allowed in the pool, gym, courtyard and common areas. No guests are allowed in the pool, gym, courtyard or common areas.
  • Returning owners and residents must quarantine for 14 days upon their return to Broadway Promenade. (Gym & Pool) If you have taken a COVID test upon your return from out of state, please contact Jodi at to discuss.
  • What is the City of Sarasota’s mask requirement?
  • The City of Sarasota’s temporary mask requirement took effect July 1 and has been extended through December 27, 2020.
  •  City Ordinance 20-5329 requires that face coverings be worn in indoor and outdoor public locations and businesses within the City of Sarasota in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

In short, if you are inside or outside at a public place in Sarasota, can’t physically or socially distance and do not fall within one of the exceptions listed in the ordinance, you need to wear a mask.

You can read the full text of the ordinance online at

Requirements specific to condominiums:

·         Inside your home or residence (masks should be worn in common areas of condos and other multi-family communities)

·         Inside a hotel room or other place of lodging (masks should be worn in lobbies or common areas)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, everyone should wear a face covering when they have to go out in public. You could spread COVID-19 to others even if you do not feel sick, and the face cover is meant to protect other people in case you are infected, as well as protect you from others carrying the virus. A cloth mask is recommended for comfort and protection, but a traditional surgical mask is also sufficient.

·         Masks should be worn in common areas of condos and other multi-family communities

·         Masks should be worn in lobbies or common areas

Even outdoors? Yes- Unless you are staying 6 feet apart from others, masks are required in outdoor public spaces.



Broadway Promenade Covid 19 Safety Guidelines


Face masks are required in the City of Sarasota starting July 1. Sarasota, FL: The City Commission approved an ordinance requiring that face coverings be worn in indoor and outdoor public locations and businesses in Sarasota in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The City of Sarasota’s temporary mask requirement took effect July 1 and has been extended through December 27, 2020.


In order to continue to make Broadway Promenade as safe as possible during these continuing difficult times, please observe the following guidelines out of respect for all of our residents, especially those who are the most vulnerable.


Face masks, while in the building, everyone is asked to follow the City Ordinance and guidelines requiring face masks to be worn. See City of Sarasota website for more information. Guests and vendors are required to wear face masks and to use hand sanitation and or gloves.  Masks will be supplied at the front desk if necessary.


From Florida Department of Health – Public Health Advisory 6-20-2020:  “All individuals in Florida should wear masks in any setting where social distancing is not possible, unless any of the following apply:

·         A child under two years of age.

·         An individual has one or more medical conditions or disabilities that prevent wearing a face covering.

·         An individual is obtaining a service involving the nose or face for which temporary removal of the face covering is necessary to perform the service.

·         An individual works in a profession where use of a face covering will not be compatible with the duties of the profession; or

·         An individual is engaged in outdoor work or recreation with appropriate social distancing in place.  (See the Florida Department of Health’s website for additional guidelines.)


Pool & Pool Deck:  Social distancing while in the pool, hot tub or on the pool deck is still necessary and is restricted to residents only.   Sanitizer wipes or sprays should be used on furniture surfaces before and after use.


Gym:  The gym is limited to no more than three people at a time.  Social distancing is necessary.  If a piece of equipment is being used, wait till it’s vacated before using something nearby.  Sanitizing is necessary both before and after use. The gym is restricted to residents only.

The Club Room is restricted to residents only with social distancing

Guest Suites will remain closed.

Courtyard: The Courtyard is open for residents only with social distancing.  Some pool deck furniture has been moved to the courtyard for residents’ use.


Major renovation projects should still be placed on hold.


Returning residents please refrain from using any amenities for at least 14 days.


Resident guests and visitors are strongly discouraged and will not be able to use any amenities in order to protect the health of our residents.


Staff will continue to sanitize high use areas.


Everyone’s cooperation is essential for the benefit and safety of all.


Thank You.

Bob Pirollo, Board President








If you are ill or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Florida Department of Health’s 24-hour hotline at 1-866-779-6121.


Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, many of our local restaurants have been affected and are taking a big hit. We are happy to support them during this difficult time.

Click HERE for a list of restaurants currently doing pick-ups and deliveries.

Monthly Condo Association Fees

Fees are due monthly on the 1st and no later than the 10th. Fees received after the 10th will incur a $25 late fee.

The association banks with Sabal Palm Bank who offers several options for paying your monthly fees.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Auto Pay forms. Or you can make a payment via credit or debit card at their website (additional fees apply):

The Association will issue payment coupons to owners who are not signed up for Auto Pay. These are mailed out in December for the following year.

The management office will also accept check payments for fees. Please be sure you have your unit # on the check.

Insurance Requests


When your mortgage company sends you a request for the Association flood insurance policy information and/or flood declaration pages. Please send your request via email to or by fax to 855-299-7117. Please include your name, unit number, and contact information.

For all other insurance requests please email Sherri Deer with Atlas insurance to

You may also find the flood insurance declaration page; HERE

Insurance Coverage

Unit Owners at Broadway Promenade are required by the DOCs to obtain and maintain individual casualty and general liability insurance for the inside of their condo.

The association’s insurance policies cover everything except the inside of individual units. Any questions about what is covered can also be directed to Sheri Deer at Atlas insurance.

Owner/Resident Forms:


Nextdoor logo

We encourage all residents and owners to join our Broadway community group on

On this site you can meet your neighbors, share information, get involved and buy or sell items. Click the link to go to the website, enter your Broadway address which will show your neighborhood as “Cocoanut District”. After joining Cocoanut District, search for Broadway Promenade in the groups area (bottom left of page) where you will request to join the private Broadway Condo group. Our resident administrator will approve the request and you will be connected!

Building Certifications and Inspection Reports

For individual unit certifications please email management.

Move In/Move Out, Deliveries and Contractors

All move ins, move outs and large deliveries must be scheduled with the concierge at the front desk so that the loading zone and freight elevator may be reserved. These may be done on weekdays only between 9am and 4:30pm. Deliveries that show up and are not scheduled may be turned away. Please notify the front desk when you have a contractor expected for work in your unit and any special instructions related to the work or access to the unit. All contractors who do work in the building must provide management a Certificate of Insurance. When they arrive, if we do not have this on file, they will be turned away.

Move In/Out & Delivery Policy

Schedule a Move In/Out or Delivery   Notify Front Desk of Contractor Visit