Board of Directors

Bob Pirollo –  President

Jonathan Whitney – Vice President

Marilyn Chapman – Treasurer

Ruth Firth – Secretary

Lynne Sheldon– Director


Board Meetings are scheduled as needed throughout the year and are held in the Club Room.

Be on the lookout for the meeting notices posted around the building and via email for meeting dates and times.

The board meetings always have a conference phone for you to call in if you are not able to attend in person. This information is at the bottom of every meeting notice.


IMPORTANT: Effective 3/24. Please see below the guidelines and conditions to using the pool and fitness center at this time. Please follow diligently and carefully.


  • No outside visitors are allowed at the pool.
  • Only guests of residents that are physically staying at Broadway Promenade will be allowed.
  • No groups of more than 10 people – Stay 3-6 feet apart at all times – No parties or happy hours!
  • Keep chairs & lounge chairs 3-6 feet apart at all times (Do not move them closer together)
  • You must bring your own sanitizing wipes/disinfectant to wipe down the chairs/ pool furniture before and after each use, to also include tables, hand rails and anything you touch before and after use. If you see anyone not wiping down the items listed above, report it to the staff immediately.


  • Only 3 people are allowed in the fitness center at one time.
  • You MUST bring your own sanitizing wipes/disinfectant and wipe down the machines/equipment before and after each use. If you see anyone not wiping down the equipment or weights, report it to the staff immediately. Keep in mind, our staff continues to clean and sanitize these areas, and many other areas daily and throughout each day. (Using Quat 5 hospital grade virucide)


We have moved some tables/ furniture from the pool area to the courtyard to encourage use in the courtyard should you feel the need to be outside. This will help to alleviate multiple people congregating at the pool and being in close proximity. Please make sure to wipe down the chairs and tables before and after each use.









If you are ill or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Florida Department of Health’s 24-hour hotline at 1-866-779-6121.


Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, many of our local restaurants have been affected and are taking a big hit. We are happy to support them during this difficult time.

Click HERE for a list of restaurants currently doing pick-ups and deliveries.

Monthly Condo Association Fees

Fees are due monthly on the 1st and no later than the 10th. Fees received after the 10th will incur a $25 late fee.

The association banks with Sabal Palm Bank who offers several options for paying your monthly fees.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Auto Pay forms. Or you can make a payment via credit or debit card at their website (additional fees apply):

The Association will issue payment coupons to owners who are not signed up for Auto Pay. These are mailed out in December for the following year.

The management office will also accept check payments for fees. Please be sure you have your unit # on the check.

Insurance Requests

When your mortgage company sends you a letter requesting proof of insurance coverage provided by the Association, you may forward the letter directly to Atlas Insurance. Please make sure you include your name, your unit # and a way you can be reached if there are any questions.

Send it to – Attn: Sheri Deer by Fax 941-552-4139 or email

Insurance Coverage

Unit Owners at Broadway Promenade are required by the DOCs to obtain and maintain individual casualty and general liability insurance for the inside of their condo.

The association’s insurance policies cover everything except the inside of individual units. Any questions about what is covered can also be directed to Sheri Deer at Atlas insurance.

Owner/Resident Forms:


Nextdoor logo

We encourage all residents and owners to join our Broadway community group on

On this site you can meet your neighbors, share information, get involved and buy or sell items. Click the link to go to the website, enter your Broadway address which will show your neighborhood as “Cocoanut District”. After joining Cocoanut District, search for Broadway Promenade in the groups area (bottom left of page) where you will request to join the private Broadway Condo group. Our resident administrator will approve the request and you will be connected!

Building Certifications and Inspection Reports

For individual unit certifications please email management.

Move In/Move Out, Deliveries and Contractors

All move ins, move outs and large deliveries must be scheduled with the concierge at the front desk so that the loading zone and freight elevator may be reserved. These may be done on weekdays only between 9am and 4:30pm. Deliveries that show up and are not scheduled may be turned away. Please notify the front desk when you have a contractor expected for work in your unit and any special instructions related to the work or access to the unit. All contractors who do work in the building must provide management a Certificate of Insurance. When they arrive, if we do not have this on file, they will be turned away.

Move In/Out & Delivery Policy

Schedule a Move In/Out or Delivery   Notify Front Desk of Contractor Visit